B.d.U. - Macchine e impianti per l'industria lattiero-casearia


Sede B.d.U.

Borsa dell’ Usato s.r.l. has been operating for over 25 years in dairy sector.
Its main activity consists in overhauling and setting up machines and plants for milk processing.
Born in 1988 as a small artisan workshop it has now a factory of 1000 m2 with direct employees and artisans who work in the firm.
Besides the personnel in the firm, being situated in one of the most industrialized areas of North-East of Italy, B.d.U has many specialized firms in every sector at its disposal: mechanic, pneumatic, electronic and oleodynamic.
At present in the firm there are all functions of an up-to-date organized company in order to follow the customer from the feasibility study of the plant up to assistance after sale.


The firm overhauls all machines, components and equipments necessary to milk processing with particular attention to machines for the production of pasta filata cheese, from coagulation to packaging of the finished product, including complete turnkey plants.
This is the work on the machine:

  • Complete disassembling of the machine
  • Washing, sand-blasting or Teflon coating of the frame if necessary
  • Complete overhauling of all mechanic components with replacement of bearings, mechanical seal and gaskets.
  • Overhauling or replacement with new electrical components
  • Reassembly of all particulars
  • Test of the finished machine with prolonged test

These are the machines and components we overhaul:

  • Pasteurization units
  • Butter packaging machines
  • Homogenizers
  • Milk packaging machines
  • Yogurt/cream batch-processors
  • Yogurt packaging machines
  • Icy water vats
  • Steam generators
  • Butter churns
  • Coagulation vats
  • Storage tanks
  • Stretching machines
  • Moulding machines
  • Hardening vats
  • Horizontal/Vertical Packaging machines
  • Thermoforming machines
  • Milk/whey separators


Besides overhauling and selling machines and plants B.d.U. realizes also new plants


The sales network and after-sales service is made up of a network of agents and collaborators all over the world. The company’s turnover is realized for about 20% in Italy and the remaining 80% in the rest of the world.