B.d.U. - Macchine e impianti per l'industria lattiero-casearia

cod. 062Pasteurization unit with plates capacity 3000 lt/h

Complete with:

  • Balanced tank made of stainless steel of lt. 100
  • Centrifugal electro-pump made of stainless steel to feed the pasteurizer.
  • Plate heat exchanger capacity 3000 lt/h, thermic cycle: It 4°c 44 – 72 – 36/38°c. Completely made of stainless steel.
  • Tubular stop made of stainless steel of 20” complete with connections, curves and pipe-holder.
  • Hot water preparation device at steam injection complete with electro-pump for hot water, barrel made of stainless steel and steam injector.
  • Steam modulating valve
  • Pneumatic valve of not pasteurized milk deviation
  • Control panel made of stainless steel containing all instruments of control, recording and push-buttons of pump start/stop.
  • Recorder of pasteurization temperature.
  • Supporting basement made of stainless steel
  • Interconnections made of stainless steel among the different components of the plant
  • Electrical interconnections among the different components
  • Pneumatic interconnections among the different components