B.d.U. - Macchine e impianti per l'industria lattiero-casearia

cod. 064Plant for the production of Edam in blocks of 2.700Kg

N. 03 Cheese-making vats capacity of 1728 kg of cheese, possibility to produce up to 14 cycles per day fa total of 2.000 kg of cheese/day.
The inside of the cheese making vats, blades and mixer has been renewed in 2009, all valves of the 3 cheese-making vats have been replaced in 2011.

N. 01 Moulding vat (pre-pressvat), piping and filling system included,have been renewed in 2009 – 2011

N. 01 Final press, renewed in 2011 – 2012

N. 01 Mould filling system renewed in 2011

N. 01 Moulding emptying and mould washing station renewed in 2007

N. 01 Set of plastic moulds 95x95x275 mm, for the production of cheese in blocks of 2,700 kg with change of movement system of moulds in 2012

N. 01 Brine vat renewed in 2011-2012

N. 01 Data information system and programs renewed in the three year-period 2009-2012